Curated by IK Projects

Miraflores. Lima, Peru.

April 2018.

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Ian Duclos, Romina Montserrat, Debora Levy, Stefano Santa María, Pierina Seinfeld

Curated by Fernanda Barhumi

Callao Monumental. Lima, Peru.

January 2017.

Debora Levy, Space, lonely. Inkjet print on synthetic satin and construction fabric.

Debora Levy, Mulit-Mesh. Inkjet print on synthetic suede.

Debora Levy, Semblantes. Inkjet print on aluminum.

Ian Duclos, Rizome. A self-governed sonic landscape  composed through algoryhthms in real time. 

Pierina Seinfeld, Sin Titulo Uno. Metal. Participants help the artist find the sculpture’s balance.

Romina Monsterrat, 0003N66111G06.jpg. An altar to cybernetic subjugation.

Stefano Santa María, Untitled. Wood.

10  – 17 January 2017


Fernanda Barhumi, Ian Duclos, Miguel Leiro, Debora Levy, Julen Ussia

Authored by Radial Gallery

Barbecho. Madrid, Spain.

28 December 2017 – 7 January 2018